Monday, 13 April 2015

Andy Skinner Workshop at Art Workshops Wynyard

Oh my goodness, I just realised that I haven't shared details of the last workshop I attended, Andy Skinner's one organised by the lovely Sue of Art Workshops Wynyard.

When we arrived, we were greeted as usual by a layout of what we would be working with during the workshop.  So for this, we had some pre-cut greyboard in different shapes and sizes, all numbered with their eventual position on the finished project.

I won't share the individual steps we used to create all the pieces, as no-one can do this better than the man himself, Andy Skinner (take a look at his website here: , his YouTube channel, and his Facebook page) so here are just two photos of part of the process.

The second photo shows a stage of the amazing rusting technique Andy shared with us, I was totally blown away, and can't wait to use it again!!

And this is a photo of my finished mirror, with all the completed pieces in their correct places!! It was a great day, Andy shared many techniques with us, and we got to play with lots of the DecoArt mediums in different ways - this is really important as it helped me to see which I liked the best, making them a 'Need to Buy!!' item, and which I could put on my Wish List for later!  

If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of Andy's workshops, I definitely recommend it, I certainly hope I get the chance to go to one again!

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