Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Journaling Workshop with Birgit Koopsen Bernstein

Hello again - luckily not so long between posts this time :o) thanks mainly to the lovely Sue Tucker from Art Workshops (link to the Facebook page) having arranged a wonderful weekend of workshops with the lovely Birgit Koopsen Bernstein (please do follow the link to her site and have a look through her work) back up in Middlesborough.  This is the first time that Birgit has taught in the UK so it was a wonderful opportunity to see something new.  I could only manage the Sunday unfortunately, I would have loved to do the whole weekend but it was not to be - that said the day I did attend was wonderful, I can't believe we got through so many different techniques!!

If you've followed my past posts at all, you'll probably know that I've toyed with the whole idea of journaling for ages but not really got very far with it.  This is partly do with a 'fear' or starting.  When you are sat staring at a blank page it can be quite daunting knowing how or where to start.  The beauty of this workshop was that we started with a completely blank journal and just played with lots of messy inks, and paints all day, making backgrounds in different ways, before focusing in on completing some of the pages.



We worked with acrylic inks (they were new to me but I really like them!), acrylic paints, water colour pencils and shaving foam! Yes shaving foam - great technique and quite addictive!!

Really like this one - I can see a fairy in there waiting for me to reveal her!

Then we worked on finishing a few pages up - so more messy play with paints and inks :o) !!

I hope you like these pages.  I feel a little braver about journaling now.  I've joined up to Irreversibly Moi's challenge - Fall in Love With Art Journaling which will last 10 weeks - here's hoping I can keep up with it.  The first challenge was to use your initials to create a page - I decided to create a basic page, using just my first initial 'S' and I created it with a Uni-Posca  gold pen and a purple coloured biro.

Thanks for reading

Stefanie :o)