Friday, 31 October 2014

31 Days of Halloween - Day 31 - otherwise known as Samhain

Well, the final day has arrived!  Well done to all of you that have managed to stay with us the whole month!!  Make sure that you remember to visit the other Wicked Bloggers to see what they have to share today :o)

I've really enjoyed sharing all my different makes through the month, and seeing what everyone else has had to offer too.  I love all the spooky stuff!

Today though I want to share something slightly different, and hope that you don't mind too much.  They are still stamped image cards, but they are more spiritual than spooky.

I am more likely to refer to Halloween as Samhain, you may not be aware that I consider myself a pagan, that is to say that my spirituality is linked to a love of nature and the different seasons of the year; I try to honour this in my daily life - eating local foods when they are in season, rather than imported foods (I believe our bodies are attuned to certain types of food depending on weather and amounts of sunshine, etc) and I keep myself aware of how the days lengthen and shorten as the year cycles through the season.  I follow what is true to me, but I certainly don't want to enforce it on anyone else, but I thought it would be apt to share a creation that reflected this view of the season.

The phoenix on the left is from Third Coast Stamps, as is the sentiment below it, I've coloured it with promarkers.  Unfortunately I do not know where the Goddess image in the second card is from as I bought it second hand, but I think she is lovely.  The sentiment on this card is handwritten.

I often think of Samhain as a time to reflect on the year that has gone before, and then to turn my thoughts inwards to focus on what I would like to develop in the upcoming year.  Much in the same way as harvests have finished, and that seeds are planted to over-winter and then to grow in the Spring.  It is also a time that pagans honour those that they have lost, as with The Day of Dead in Mexico, we believe that those that have been lost to us can draw close at this time, and so we make an effort to remember them.

I hope that you do not mind me sharing these with you today,

Thanks for reading

Stefanie xx


  1. Lovely thoughts and fabulous cards. Happy Samhain and congrats. xxD

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful cards. I enjoyed reading about Samhain. It has been wonderful seeing all of your art all month, thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day!~kim

  3. I found you information interesting..I know some of what you are talking about through reading. Your cards are awesome! Thank you for a month of inspiration with your hard work! Happy Halloween!

  4. They are great pieces. Love the colors. Happy Samhain. Thanks for being apart of this fun 31 Days of Halloween Hop.

  5. Blessed Samhain!
    Both of your cards are welcome for this season.
    And after 31 days of intensive crafting and blogging, a good rest is welcome.
    From your box pieces all the way through the month you have entertained and delighted us daily. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.
    Merry Meet.

  6. Great cards!! Happy Halloween!!

  7. HAPPY SAMHAIN! Very interesting learning about a different take on the season and your creations are bootiful!

  8. Blessed Samhain!
    Beautiful projects for today!!!
    Thanks for sharing your talent and for inspiring me with your amazing projects during the 31 Days of Halloween event!

  9. I think these are wonderful! Thank you for sharing these and a little bit more of yourself with all of us! And thank you for all the fantastic and inspiring projects you have posted over the last month!

  10. Beautiful projects, I'm happy you shared them. It's been awesome visiting your blog this month to see all the art you've created. Happy Halloween!

  11. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your art with us lurkers! Have really enjoyed getting to know you and your talent during the past 30 days. Love the bird of fire!

  12. Happy Samhain! Have enjoyed your projects all through! Thanks for the details each time!

  13. The color differences between the two of these images could not be more pronounced and perfect at the same time.