Thursday, 23 January 2014

Making Progress

Hiya - well I've not got as far as I would have liked to do as I've had a few sick days and had to rest up BUT this is my positive outlet so I'm not about to dwell on that.

What I did want to share is the naked block ready for a crazy quilted round robin I'm about to participate in, titled Under the Sea.  I'm really looking forward to this and to the Novice one I've also signed up to, I shall be piecing that block next week, and also finishing off the one for CQJP2014 - can't fall behind with that especially in the first month!!

So, my Under the Sea block - I really liked the idea of this and I had a few marine themed fabrics from a little lap quilt I made at the very beginning of my quilting journey - it was an Elemental quilt in log cabin, with a section for each of the elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water and with Spirit a part of all, here's a few pictures of it:

So I took my marine fabrics, one with bubbles, one with seahorses and one with shells on as a starting point and then I waded through my 'small' fabric stash :) to find some more to put with them.  I came across a fat quarter with some multi-coloured fish on, it came in a bundle of fabrics that I bought cheaply and was one I never really thought I'd use but I did add some of it into this block.

Having not done a crazy quilting round robin before I was worried about using too much fabric with specific images on in case it detracts from all the embellishments that are going to be added but I'm hoping I've got the balance about right.  I also included some batik fabrics in bluey-greeny shades and with a pinkish blush which reminded me of the look of coral.  Last but not least was some dark green velour which feels lovely and I feel it adds a lot to the block.

I'm posting it off over the weekend and really looking forward to see how it evolves - slightly nervous about my own contribution to all the blocks coming my way to work on, it will certainly be a learning process (!) but that's exactly what I signed up for!

There'll be another post tomorrow (what!? two posts in the same week!?) as it's time for the Grow Your Blog 2014 blog-hop courtesy of Vicki at 2 Bags Full you can follow the link on the side-bar or take a look here

Thanks for reading :)

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