Saturday, 9 January 2016

Hey Clay! 2015 Play Day :o)

Back in December I found out that our local pottery (Oxcombe Pottery) were taking part in Hey Clay! 2015 - it was an event organised by the Crafts Council in which over 70 different venue opened their doors to let people have a go at playing with clay.

I went along with my friend Wendy, and we were so pleased we did, it's a wonderful venue, an old farm building specifically converted into a pottery.  We were shown some completed pieces that had been fired using different glazes and different techniques, and then we were let loose with our own ball of clay!

I created a tea-light holder, and in a challenge from one of the potters to see how thin I could draw out the clay I also made a little trinket holder/ornament.

The above pictures were before firing (as we couldn't fire them on the day) so the clay is still a little damp and grey.

This photo was taken after they were fired and they have now gone a whitish colour.  It was a really fun couple of hours, which has raised my interest in clay, I may just have to pop back and have a proper go!!

Thanks for reading
Steffi :o)

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