Thursday, 6 February 2014

Technique Toolbox with Claudine Hellmuth

Well I'm feeling incredibly lucky :)

A little while back while visiting one of my favourite blogs - that of the talented Tammy Tutterow which you can find here at - I entered a giveaway competition.  And - guess what - I won!!

The prize is a place on Technique Toolbox, a 5 week mixed media online class with Claudine Hellmuth!  It's being hosted at Big Picture Classes - - I'm really looking forward to this.  Over the 5 weeks Claudine will share 25 different techniques with us, and as a little bonus she's given us a PDF of a little toolbox that we can print out, assemble and then use to store details of all of them.  I just need to get some card that will fit through my printer and then I can get cracking with that!


There is still time to sign up for the class, which starts on 10th February and runs until 12th March.  If you've not taken an online class before and are uncertain whether that learning style would suit you they also offer some free classes which will give you a little taste of how they work.  Well worth a look :)

I'm also planning to take the Tim Holtz - Chemistry 101 & 102 classes and I think the toolbox may come in useful for storing those techniques too!

Anyway that was just a quick update from me - I've got some sewing to do!!!


  1. Me ha gustado mucho tu blog. Lo seguire.
    Yo tambien tengo fibromialgia, desde el año 2011 y es un peso dificil de llevar, sobretodo en una ciudad fria como es Valdivia, al sur de Chile en la que vivo.
    Tambien hago algunas manualidades, aunque no tantas como antes, antes bordaba punto cruz, pero debido a una lesion en el cerebro no pude mas, porque me tiemblan las manos un poco.
    En fin, la vida sigue. Gusto de conocerte.
    Saludos desde Chile

    1. Hola, gracias por seguir mi blog.

      No me gusta el clima frío con fibromialgia. Me alegra que aún puedes hacer algún oficio a pesar de su lesión, espero que encuentres ayuda.

      Lo siento mi español no es bueno, es mucho tiempo ya que la escuela

      Voy a visitar tu blog

      Steffi :)

  2. Wicked cute! I love these.

    Fandom in Stitches just released the War Doctor. So I have to do him now. Then figure out how I want to put them all together & which Who fiend friend I will give it too!

    1. Ooh I didn't know they'd released the War Doctor - something else to keep me busy then!!